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Rotterdam, 1940: A city's last stand…

In the heart of war-torn Rotterdam, the latest instalment of the Fernsby's War Series unfolds in a gripping saga of espionage, love, and sacrifice.

Rotterdam finds Michael Fernsby in a deadly game of cat and mouse, sent to the Netherlands on the eve of the German invasion with the fate of Europe in the balance.

Meanwhile, Mina, broadcasting courage and truth into the night, has become the Nazis' most wanted. Unbeknownst to Michael, the woman he loves is the voice rallying a suppressed nation, and now finds herself in the crosshairs of the very menace he seeks to dismantle.

As the city crumbles under the Luftwaffe's wrath, their paths converge in a desperate bid for survival, with Mina's broadcasts guiding Michael through the chaos.

With the Gestapo's net drawing tighter, and an SD operative's sinister plan to silence Mina forever, Michael must navigate the rubble of a city on fire to save her, facing the ultimate test of love and loyalty in the shadow of war...