Fernsby's War series

In 1938, the world was at a crossroads. For Michael Fernsby, it was a choice between surrender and survival. But even he could not predict the lengths he would go to stay alive.

In the heart of Nazi Germany, Michael and his brother, David, embark on a dangerous mission to rescue their Jewish family members trapped in Bavaria. However, when their plan goes awry and they find themselves on the run from the Gestapo, they turn to an underground resistance movement for help...

Espionage, Vengeance, and Betrayal: Fernsby’s War Continues...

In the thrilling second instalment of the Fernsby’s War Series, Alderauge catapults readers into the tumultuous summer of 1939. Michael Fernsby, burdened by the ghosts of his past, plunges back into Nazi Germany with dual objectives: aiding a high-ranking Nazi defector for the British government, and rescuing his family's legacy...

Cullane is the story of how the Underlings began

A Wherryman and his best friend lose everything trying to save themselves after their coin-laden passenger drowns during a violent November storm. Aristocracy hellbent on revenge. Homeless children, starving and alone, trying to survive the dangerous street gangs of Henry VIII’s London. Can Andrew Cullane stay alive long enough to save them?

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