the john howard series

A fallen teen aristocrat. A scheming stepmother. Can his underground allies protect him in London’s deadly streets?

England, May 1536. As the son of a rich earl, hardship is something sixteen-year-old John Howard has never known. But his privileged life descends into chaos when his vindictive stepmother accuses him of poisoning her older child. And when his father declares him guilty and prepares to banish him to France, John flees his punishment into the capital’s cutthroat alleyways.

An exiled young noble. A frenzied hunt. Failing to capture the truth could prove fatal…

England, October 1536. Sixteen-year-old John Howard is striving to catch his breath. Sheltering in the Midlands after putting his false accuser in the ground, not even marrying the girl of his dreams is enough to make the fallen aristocrat forget it isn’t over. He abandons his short-lived attempt at respite after the battle catches up to them and stains an innocent house with blood.

Henry VIII pardoned him. The nobles want him dead...

England, January 1537. After his dead enemy’s confessions cleared him of a murder he didn’t commit, seventeen-year-old John Howard emerged from the dark and dangerous streets of Henry VIII’s London.

Reunited with his family and married to the love of his life, he dared to look forward to a future of peace and happiness. But his enemies weren’t done with him yet…

Cullane is the story of how the Underlings began

A Wherryman and his best friend lose everything trying to save themselves after their coin-laden passenger drowns during a violent November storm. Aristocracy hellbent on revenge. Homeless children, starving and alone, trying to survive the dangerous street gangs of Henry VIII’s London. Can Andrew Cullane stay alive long enough to save them?

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