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Henry VIII pardoned him. The nobles want him dead.

England, January 1537. After his dead enemy’s confessions cleared him of a murder he didn’t commit, seventeen-year-old John Howard emerged from the dark and dangerous streets of Henry VIII’s London.

Reunited with his family and married to the love of his life, he dared to look forward to a future of peace and happiness. But his enemies weren’t done with him yet…

A brutal killer leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, and he's coming for the Howard family.

With time running out, he rides north in a frantic quest to find his tormentor, and what he discovers has the power to shatter his world forever…

John Howard and the Tudor Deception is the blockbuster third and final book in the whirlwind second book in the John Howard Tudor historical fiction Adventure series. If you like wide casts of full characters, breakneck English action, and thrilling twists and turns, then you’ll love J.C. Jarvis’s chase after justice.


Ughh I'm so sad it's over! I fell in love with John Howard and Edward and poor Isaac and all the others! Great book! Stayed up all night reading it! So much excitement on every page! Wow! This' series was so good!!

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