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An exiled young noble. A frenzied hunt. Failing to capture the truth could prove fatal…

England, October 1536. Sixteen-year-old John Howard is striving to catch his breath. Sheltering in the Midlands after putting his false accuser in the ground, not even marrying the girl of his dreams is enough to make the fallen aristocrat forget it isn’t over. He abandons his short-lived attempt at respite after the battle catches up to them and stains an innocent house with blood.

With the key to clearing his name hidden in a now-deceased enemy’s long list of confessions, John and his company gallop forth following little more than a pair of initials. But his status as the most wanted man in the British Isles soon attracts a maelstrom of unfavourable attention and wanton destruction.

Can the disgraced teen finally rise above the treacherous lies, or will he be swept away in the current of evil?

John Howard and the Tudor Legacy is the whirlwind second book in the John Howard Tudor historical fiction adventure series. If you like wide casts of full characters, breakneck English action, and thrilling twists and turns, then you’ll love J.C. Jarvis’s chase after justice.


I could not put this book down! I have been up all night. I love John Howard & Edward & Catherine! & the rest!

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