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A fallen teen aristocrat. A scheming stepmother. Can his underground allies protect him in London’s deadly streets?

England, 1536. As the son of a rich earl, hardship is something sixteen-year-old John Howard has never known. But his privileged life descends into chaos when his vindictive stepmother accuses him of poisoning her older child. And when his father declares him guilty and prepares to banish him to France, John flees his punishment into the capital’s cutthroat alleyways.

With his fortunes turned, the now-lowly street urchin spends years dodging brutal gangs and evading execution in the shadows with a lowly group of exiled misfits. But the runaway young man must rise up from his dark existence to lead an attack for vengeance when a group of his friends are hunted down and murdered.

Can this exiled noble save his outlawed crew from a cruel death among the cobblestones?

John Howard and the Underlings is the thrilling first book in the John Howard Tudor historical fiction series. If you like Renaissance settings, unlikely leaders, and rediscovering family, then you’ll love J.C. Jarvis’s gritty tale.


This book was so exciting from page to page I couldn't turn fast enough. The main character shocked me at what he turned into - a great warrior. I cant wait to buy the second book!

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